Consultoría a empresas

Customized ethics and compliance programs

We provide strategic consulting to create or strengthen Integrity and Compliance programs in Mexico and Latin America for companies, Trade Associations and Institutions.

You have to implement a compliance program but, but do not know how?
Has your company reputation been at risk due to employees misconduct?
Are you going to work with a multinational company and need a Compliance program.
Do you want to reduce risks and improve your long-term prestige?
Do you have an ethics program, but it is not being effective?
Do you want to get the benefits of anti-corruption laws with an effective program but you do not know how?

We understand you and we help you

We provide strategic consulting and training to create or consolidate the culture of integrity and compliance based on our customer needs with practical solutions, among others we support the co-creation of:

Mission, vision and corporate values

Code of ethics

Conflict of interest policy

Misconduct management Policy

Third Party interaction Policy

High level risk identification exercise

Training plan

Communication plan

Internal misconduct report process

Internal investigation training

Training to the Resolution Committee (for internal cases)

Compliance Committee Charter

Integrity culture internal perception surveys

Monitoring plan design

Be part of a new culture of corporate integrity in Mexico and Latin America.